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Want you learn what it takes to become an experienced cyclist ?Bicycling is a popular activity that can provide an enjoyable and healthy hobby.Whether you bicycle leisurely or competitively, you will benefit from the most famous racer road cycling tips in these application videos. In this application we will help you to learn step by step How to Begin Road Cycling:
1-How to Pick a Road Bike 2-How to Fit a Road Bike 3-How to Maintain Your Road Bike 4-How to Ride a Bike in Hot Weather 5-How to Ride a Bike in Cold Weather 6-How to Ride a Bike in the Rain 7-How to Ride a Bike at Night 8-How to Ride a Bike in a Pack 9-How to Ride a Bike in an Echelon 10-How to Ride a Bike in a Paceline 11-How to Ride a Bike in a Double Paceline 12-How to Ride a Bike in a Rotating Paceline 13-How to Ride in the Bike Lane 14-How to Pick Bike Racing Wheels 15-How to Pick Bike Riding Shoes 16-How Does a Bike Helmet Protect You? 17-How to Train for a Bike Race 18-What Should You Eat before a Bike Race? 19-What Should You Eat during a Bike Race? 20-How to Warm Up for a Bike Race 21-Bike Race Riding Positions 22-5 Bike Race Steering & Cornering Tips 23-2 Bike Race Climbing Strategies 24-How to Descend during a Bike Race 25-Time Trial Bike Race Strategy 26-How to Throw Your Bike When Finishing a Race 27-What Are the Components of a Road Race Bike?
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